About Us

We eat doritos, and sell gaming gear.

Our story is simple. We’re Exooto Media and we sell Gaming & Tech gear to all kinds of tech individuals. We’re a small business based in Canada, who’s primary focus is to offer you nothing but the top name brand products all for a great price. We literally live and breath gaming gear and can help you with racing simulation, flight simulation and anything that involves Doritos and energy drinks. Even those guys with cheeto crumbs on their keyboard. We can help you choose that keyboard. From the ultimate PC builds to creating the best possible racing simulator there is on the market. We do it all.

Why Choose Exooto Media

Discounts & Deals
We can offer some of the best savings on gaming wheels, flight sticks, racing chairs and even cell phone accessories. With prices that are too hot to advertise. Be sure to sign up to our deals newsletter for exclusive customer only sneak peeks.
Free Shipping
We offer free shipping on all Canada wide orders over $40.00. For any US items please contact info@exooto.com for inquiries.
Risk Free Return Policy
Our Return Policy is completely risk free. We offer Free 30 day returns on all items except PlaySeat and opened video games which is pretty much everything else.
Support Your Local Business
We may be a small business, but our prices are that good they compete with the giant retailers. We're small but mighty.
Expert Customer Service
We live and breath gaming and technology. Any doubts, ideas or questions don't be afraid to get in touch. In fact we encourage you to contact us. We'll be happy to help in any way.
We Love Gaming
Who better to trust with your gaming needs then a bunch of gamers.

We're also on instagram.

We must be cool if we're on instagram.