Free Playstation Plus Games This July 2017

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This month is a good one for free games on Playstation Plus. Sony have revealed the games that are free to download as of yesterday so make sure you get them before its too late. There are 3 games for Playstation 4, 2 for the PlayStation 3 and 2 for the PS vita.

Playstation 4
PS4 owners can now download the exclusive horror game Until Dawn and the Game of Thrones game series right now. Perfect timing for GOT as the show returns this month.

Playstation 3
On Playstation 3, PS Plus users can download Darkstalkers Reurrection which includes Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and Darkstalkers 3. You can also get a free copy of Tokyo Jungle an action game where you can play as different animals in a post-apocalyptic environment in Tokyo.

PS Vita
The PS Vita game is Element4l, and a cross buy on PS4 game “Don’t die, My. Robot.”.

So there you have your free line up of games for Playstation Plus users this month.

Playstation 4

  • Until Dawn, PS4
  • Game of Thrones, PS4
  • That’s You!, PS4

Playstation 3

  • Tokyo Jungle, PS3
  • Darkstalkers Resurrection, PS3

PS Vita

  • Element4l, PS Vita
  • Don’t Die, Mr. Robot, PS Vita (Cross Buy on PS4)

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